Monday, October 15, 2012

Obama supporters threaten to riot if Romney wins

As of October 9th, 2012
We are around 3 weeks away from the Presidential Election :
The website has reported that users are willing or say they are willing to protest/riot if Obama loses the upcoming Presidential Election.  I don't even know where to start with this post.  Is Romney having that much success that Obama supporters are getting "scarred" that Republican Governor Mitt Romney might win this years Presidential Election or are these comments part of a "False Flag" Operation to put fear into Americans.  It is pretty much a dead heat right now because of Obama's lackluster performance from the 1st Presidential Debate; but that's a whole nother issue.   Now you can believe what you want but people that are "aware" know that the person who sits in the Oval Office is a "puppet" for the "special interest groups" aka the "elite-class" aka the "Illuminati" aka the "globalists"; whatever you want to call them.  Check out the Twitchy link below for the quotes and what people are saying on Twitter.


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