Monday, October 15, 2012


Victor Cruz no doubt has been a sensation in the NFL as of last season bursting on the scene as Eli Manning's favorite receiver.  And as everyone knows that is a Giants fan or who watches football that after every touchdown he does his signature salsa dance in memory of his late grandmother (That is commendable and I respect that he has incorporated the salsa dance in remembrance of his grandmother, I can't take that away from him, its touching, it really is). You got to love this kids story; he's a Paterson, NJ native, made something out of nothing growing up in an inner-city (where sometimes kids can get trapped by the life of the streets) and has risen to one of the top NFL players.

With that being said, (I do admit I am a Giant fan) - this season Victor Cruz has been throwing up a hand-sign after every touchdown dance (Picture above and below).  This hand sign has many meanings and all of them in my opinion are not good.  The first response people are going to say are, "isn't that the Jay-Z Roc Hand Sign."  Could very well be and people have seen Cruz rub shoulders with some of Hip-Hop's elite and I'd bet my bottom dollar Jay-Z and Cruz have been in each others presence.  When asked about the hand sign after his touchdowns this season, Cruz replied, “A little bit, a little bit. I’d rather keep that under wraps. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet.”
Asked if he’ll provide any clarity soon, Cruz said, “We’ll see in the upcoming weeks what happens.” 

So, whats the big deal maybe he has a business venture going on with Jay-Z, why the article, and what's with the title, you ask?  Well, it means everything, Jay-Z is known to use Occult symbolism and if Victor Cruz made a deal with Jay-Z he basically made a deal with the devil.  Now you may say what if he didn't make a business deal with Jay-Z (which could be the case also) and to that I say why is Victor Cruz throwing up Occult symbolism that are connected with the Freemason's, Illuminati, and/or whatever else you want to call them.  The fact still remains regardless if Jay-Z is involved or not; you got a NFL Player throwing up an esoteric globalist elite conspiracy theory riddled hand-sign.  You couldn't pay me enough to sign that deal (and I can sure use the money) I refuse to sell my soul to evil entities in a culture that is so riddled with this type of symbolism that the average person has been inundated with all their lives.  Studies have shown that your conscious has become numb to this type of thing if you have watched the T.V. and media of all sorts. This type of conditioning works within your subconscious and you might not even realize the brainwashing that has been going on.  So if you get a knee-jerk reaction to this article and blow it off as heresy then you have to question yourself.  Honestly some of you haven't cared, don't care, and will continue not to and that's fine; to each is own.  This article is for the person who questions society today; this Victor Cruz hand-sign is just a small example of what's going on in this world today.s

  Now me being a fan I want to know whats going on Victor, people look up to you.  Forget that, Kids growing up look up to you.  I am not a hater one bit, make your money god bless you. I'm A fan and it's disappointing to see another positive role-model sell his-self for some extra "bread".  Now maybe I'm over-reacting and I hope I am but my better judgement tells me otherwise.
I guess well all have to wait for that 

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