Monday, October 15, 2012

Obama Ring

‘There Is No God But Allah’

First off all I want to say is back in 2008 if you really weren't into politics like myself or were; then you witnessed a man that had mesmorized the masses with his teleprompter speeches while he was running for president.  He was the new man of change and people ate it up.  They all bought into the lie, I have to admit even myself included.  Since than you fast-foward to 2012; all in all he has done a "decent" job, and that's being on the nice side pf the argument. I don't care if your left, right, or have no compass on the map, or even care to have a side or view to this broken system we call politics.  Lets be honest this man's whole existence has been questioned from where he was born, if his birth certificate is real, if Barack Obama is even his name (look up Barry for more info), to his faith that is in question.  Basically that is what this whole post is being bought up about this ring (you see in the picture above) that he has been wearing before he was married to Michelle and most likely continues to wear to this day.  Reports and studies have come out and have stated that this ring proclaims : 'There Is No God But Allah'.  Don't believe me? ClICK ON THE LINK BELOW, There is enough info there for your mind to chew on for awhile.  This pretty much takes the cake for me, First he has tricked the whole country into believing that he is the man of change to his religion being of constant questioning.  This is why I along with alot of people have no faith in our political system.


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