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Israel / Palestine Conflict Continue's : Gaza Strip (Photo's/Video's)

Middle-East Conflict between Israeli's and Palestinian's in Latest Conflict near 'Holy Land'

Nov. 14, 2012, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) targeted Ahmed Jabri (Head of Hamas' military wing, in the Gaza Strip.  Jabri has executed terror attacks against Israel in the past.  Israel has also issued a warning to Hama's Leaders; if they show their face above ground they would meet the same fate as Jabri.  This attack was sed to be a retaliation for Hamas' attacks against Israel. 

Recent missile attacks from hamas; scenes like this have been going on for the past few days and for over 12 years for both sides of this on-going escalating conflict.

More Info Links, Videos and Images on the Bottom of this Article

Alqassam Brigades / (Hamas) vs. Israel Defense Forces

Alqassam Brigades Tweets ‏
Israeli Defense Forces Tweets 
Friday, Nov.16, 2012Friday, Nov.16, 2012

2 h ago
Hamas has surprised us of its M75developed homemade projectile fired at Jerusalem,unfortunately,our security officials know nothing about it

3 h ago
#Israeli occupation confirm that missiles hitting Jerusalem now, siren heard in the city. #Gaza #hamas #ShaleStones

3 h ago
Al Qassam Brigades shot down an Israeli warplane over #Gaza, #Israeli artillery shelling randomly to prevent finding wreckage of warplane

3 h ago
#Palestinian #Resistance strikes on Tel Aviv caused of pampers crisis in the occupied city. Eye for an eye & the initiator darker #Israel

4 h ago
13:00 Al Qassam Brigades bombing Ofakim military base with 9 Grad missiles #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack #ShaleStones #Palestine #Lebanon #Beirut

6 h ago
For the fist time, Al Qassam launch a long range missile towards the #Israeli #Kneset Building in Jerusalem #gaza.

15 h ago
Families of #Israeli soldiers complaining over, "our sons find no safe shelters to hide from #Hamas strikes, Hebrew sources reported. #Gaza

17 h ago
Dozens of drones & fighter jets hovering over #Gaza Strip, May peace cover you Gaza #ShaleStone #Hamas #GazaUnderAttack #Humanrights #Egypt

18 h ago
#Israel's most inhuman army kills #Gaza civilians, kids, women and elders Gaza Victims in Numbers #HumanRights #Amnesty

19 h ago
Medical sources: Death toll in #Gaza hit19 martyrs including 6 children, a woman two elders and more than 180 injuries

21 h ago
Al Qassam Brigades published a video of an #Israeli unmanned plane shot down by Al Qassam operatives in east of #Gaza

23 h ago
Al Qassam Brigades confirm that its operatives managed to drope down a military drone east of #Gaza Strip, #Israel #ShaleStones

4 h ago
Confirmed: A rocket fired from Gaza struck outside Jerusalem, Israel's capital city. #IsraelUnderFire

4 h ago
During Operation Pillar of Defense, IDF has targeted 600 terror sites in Gaza, including underground rocket launchers & infrastructure.

4 h ago
The Iron Dome has intercepted 86 rockets fired from #Gaza into #Israel today. #IsraelUnderFire

5 h ago
Update: No rocket hit Tel Aviv. Fact: 340 rockets have hit Israel since Operation Pillar of Defense began. #IsraelUnderFire

5 h ago
What would you do if rockets were striking your country? RT if you agree that #Israel has the right to self-defense.

8 h ago
Afternoon update: 67 rockets fired from Gaza hit #Israel today (335 since Nov. 14). Iron Dome intercepted 55 rockets today.

10 h ago
Since #PillarOfDefense began: 500 terrorist sites targeted by IDF (250 last night), 300+ rockets hit #Israel, 100+ Iron Dome interceptions

11 h ago
VIDEO - IDF targets underground rocket launchers in Gaza. See the secondary explosions? That means we hit explosives.

12 h ago
As part of operation #PillarOfDefense, the #IDF will begin recruiting 16,000 reservists. #Gaza

15 h ago
Over 300 rockets fired from the #Gaza Strip hit southern #Israel in the past two days.

18 h ago
Contrary to #Hamas claims, no Israeli drone was downed. #Gaza

20 h ago
Since start of the operation: 300 terrorist sites targeted in #Gaza. +300 rockets struck #Israel. +130 missiles intercepted by Iron Dome

This video is from an Arabic / Islamic / Palestinian source showing various rocket blasts and areas impacted by the recent conflict.  Most clips shown are residential area's.

Hamas claims this is a downed drone they recovered recently in the past few days.  Israel denies that their drones have been shot down.  I don't know what side to believe honestly; but I can say that if this drone was shot down it's in pretty good shape.  This video is from an Arabic / Islamic / Palestinian source

The IDF has Launched a widespread campaign against terror targets in Gaza. The Israeli Operation is called, Pillar of Defense : the IDF's 2 main objectives are - 1. to protect Israeli Civilians and 2. to cripple the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.  (This clip shows targeting of underground installations)  

Random Facts from Both Sides of the Conflict:

  • Al Qassam mourns the death of its top leader Ahmed Jabari who has been assassinated by #Israeli drones in #Gaza #Hamas

  • #Hamas cleric: "Annihilation of the Jews here in Palestine is one of the most splendid blessings for Palestine."

  • Fact: People in southern Israel have 15 seconds to run to shelter every time a rocket alarm sounds 
  • So far, Iron Dome system successfully intercepted 28 rockets fired from #Gaza at major Israeli population centers.

  • IDF recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.

  • The IDF has embarked on an operation against Hamas, an Iranian proxy responsible for terror attacks on Israel. #Iran #Gaza

  • All options are on the table. If necessary, the IDF is ready to initiate a ground operation in Gaza.

  • The IDF has embarked on Operation Pillar of Defense.

  • Since the beginning of 2012, Palestinian terrorists in the #Gaza Strip have fired 768 rockets into #Israel.

  • The IDF has begun a widespread campaign on terror sites & operatives in the #Gaza Strip, chief among them #Hamas & Islamic Jihad targets.

For more from Hamas:

For more from the IDF:


Israeli Channel 2 reported that "  media sources have failed in confronting Hamas media".   #

We've targeted 2 senior Hamas operatives: Muhammad Abu-Jalal, company commander in central , & Khaled Shah'yer, chief missile operator

Other News Related and Unrelated :

Footage of man being hunted and taken down in the Gaza area by military type officials:

Benghazi inquiry sparks Hill turf battle

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NEWSWEEK's - November 2012's OBAMA Cover - (Final Print Edition)

Leave it up to NEWSWEEK to go out with a "BANG" on their last ever print edition.


What a gimmick, I could hear the executives / Editor-In-Chief talking about the last Issue, "we got to do something BIG to stir the pot, it's our last print edition, this damn Internet is killing our bottom line.  Daniel Klaidman (Newsweek's Managing Editor) wrote the featured piece, "THE OBAMA CONQUEST."

Sorry guys your out-dated, you can thank me with the exposure (oh that's right you don't need it; is that why your ending print editions?) What's next your going to charge a fee like New York Times to view your web content? (I guess it's a : FARE-WELL, so much for bowing out gracefully.)


Let me see are they going for the NAPOLEON or the GEORGE WASHINGTON look on this one?



Newsweek Obama Victory Cover Shows President As Napoleon (PHOTO) 

Posted:  Updated: 11/09/2012 4:06 pm EST

Huffington Post Reader Response :

12 hours ago ( 1:01 AM)
While Napoleon Bonaparte did help create key civil and economic reforms, the ruler, through legal trickery, crowned himself France's emperor in 1804. He was also a warmonger, reinstated slavery in the country's colonies, often ignored treaties and laws to obtain his goals, and he sanctioned the institutional plundering of conquered regions, resulting in the deaths of millions. How exactly is this a great cover? Newsweek editors look like they're once again creating propaganda for the government. I'll never, ever join the Republican Party, but for a party that prides itself on being "inclusive" and "colorblind," the Democrats keep stirring up racism to create division. Isn't President Obama part-white? It's pure evil to teach someone to hate themselves for their skin color. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, " I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Well, let's ignore that uniting promise; it doesn't help sell magazines.


By: David J. Frum

David Frum is a self proclaimed Republican Jew; originally from Canada, he is a Canadian-American journalist.  So if he's a Republican why is he writing an article such as this one?  This is the first time I've ever heard of this man but it seems his angle is to get as many of his columns in the newspapers and magazines.  Or maybe he's just upset at his fellow Republicans for distancing themselves from him. (Can you blame them, this dude just has a repulsive look to him).  He's an outspoken critic and seems to have been alienated from his political party, o well.

Your days are done, GOP white man. In its November issue, Newsweek and writer David Frum want you to know that you’re old, you’re white, and you’re finished.  

by WARNER TODD HUSTON | 9 Nov 2012

Not only does Newsweek want white Republicans to know their salad days are over (and that they are racist, no doubt), but the aging magazine has done so with a cover illustration that portrays Obama wearing the uniform tunic of a Revolutionary War soldier -- maybe even with allusions to founding father and first general of the armies George Washington.

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SANDY AFTERMATH : Tri-State Trying to Move Forward - UPDATES (Gas, Food, Electricity, etc.)

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath / Recovery

          Source : Links via Drudge Report


  •      Linden facility back on-line : should start allocating gas to local stations
  •      28 million gallons being distributed in next 2 days by various sources.
  •      New Jersey GovChristie orders odd-even gas rationing system.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

N.J. Cleaning up Update / OysterCreek Update : Forked River, South Jersey / Fires Update / A.C. Mayor

Flood waters receding at NJ’s Oyster Creek nuclear plant

Date: October 31, 2012
Waters have receded at Exelon Corp.’s (EXC) Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in New Jersey, the company said Wednesday.
[...] The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires the company to issue an alert when flood waters rise to a certain level, but the NRC has said the plant remained in a safe condition during the worst of the storm.
[...] Exelon said the plant lost off-site power during the storm and switched on two locomotive-sized backup diesel generators. The company said power was restored Wednesday and it is investigating the cause of the power loss. [...]

Source :

Oyster Creek had service water pumps at risk due to high water from Sandy. This included the cooling water for the spent fuel pool cooling system. As of 2:53am EST Exelon did not know if the service water pumps had been impacted. Media contacts at Exelon, owner of Oyster Creek are promising an update shortly. We will pass on any new information as soon as we get it.
Update: Oyster Creek as of 2003 has more than 3025 assemblies in the spent fuel pool with a capacity of 2645 assemblies  that are at risk if the service water pump is lost.
As of November 2010, there were 1,159 used assemblies stored in 19 dry casks. Casks are stored in a concrete block system and would not be at risk in this scenario.

Oyster Creek; 36 of 43 emergency warning sirens in the emergency planning zone have failed in the last 24 hours.

Source :

Exelon declares alert at NJ Oyster Creek reactor

* Water levels at Oyster Creek declining

* Exelon says no threat to public health or safety

By Scott DiSavino

NEW YORK, Oct 30 (Reuters) - Hurricane Sandy slowed or shut a half-dozen U.S. nuclear power plants, while the nation's oldest facility declared a rare "alert" after the record storm surge pushed flood waters high enough to endanger a key cooling system.

Exelon Corp's 43-year-old Oyster Creek plant in New Jersey remains on "alert" status, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said early Tuesday. It is only the third time this year that the second-lowest of four emergency action levels was triggered.

"Oyster Creek is still in an alert but may be getting out of it as long as water levels continue to drop," NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan told Reuters.

The alert came after water levels at the plant rose more than 6.5 feet (2 meters) above normal, potentially affecting the "water intake structure" that pumps cooling water through the plant.

Those pumps are not essential to keep the reactor cool since the plant has been shut for planned refuelling since Oct. 22. Exelon however was concerned that if the water rose over 7 feet it could submerge the service water pump motor that is used to cool the water in the spent fuel pool, potentially forcing it to use emergency water supplies from the in-house fire suppression system to keep the rods from overheating.

Exelon also moved a portable pump to the intake structure as a precaution in case it was needed to pump cooling water.

The water levels reached a peak of 7.4 feet -- apparently above the threshold -- but the pump motors did not flood, Sheehan said. As of 11 a.m. EDT Tuesday the water level was down to 5.8 feet, with the next high tide at 11:45 a.m.

"They need the water level to stay below 6 feet for a while to exit the alert," Sheehan said, noting when the water level falls below 4.5 feet, the plant could exit the unusual event.

An unusual event is the lowest of the NRC's emergency action levels.

Exelon said in a statement that there was no danger to equipment and no threat to public health or safety.

"Right now there's no imminent threat of releases. There's no protective actions around the plant," Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate said on the Today Show.

"Some of these reporting requirements are due though to the severity of the storms. That they have to make these notifications based upon conditions, that does not mean that they are in an imminent threat at the plant," Fugate said.

The incident at Oyster Creek, which is about 60 miles (95 km) east of Philadelphia on the New Jersey Coast, came as Sandy made landfall as the largest Atlantic storm ever, bringing up to 90 mile per hour (mph) winds and 13-foot storm surges in the biggest test of the industry's emergency preparedness since the Fukushima disaster in Japan a year and a half ago.

Despite the alert -- which is a serious but not catastrophic event that signals a "potential substantial degradation in the level of safety" -- the U.S. nuclear industry was broadly seen having passed the test. About a dozen alerts have been issued in the past four years, according to NRC press releases.

On Tuesday morning, the NRC said that Entergy Corp's Indian Point 3 automatically tripped offline at about 10:41 p.m. last night due to fluctuations in the power grid caused by the storm, while Public Service Enterprise Group Inc shut Unit 1 at Salem in New Jersey at 1:10 a.m. due to a loss of "condenser circulators" due to the storm surge and debris.


The relatively small 636-megawatt (MW) Oyster Creek plant earlier experienced a "power disruption" at its switch yard, causing two backup diesel generators to kick in and maintain a stable source of power, Exelon said.


Northeast crawls back to business after monster storm

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. Northeast began crawling back to normal on Wednesday after monster storm Sandy crippled transportation, knocked out power for millions and killed at least 45 people in nine states with a massive storm surge and rain that caused epic flooding.


Fires raging in New Jersey shore town hit hard by Sandy; 14 homes already destroyed

MANTOLOKING, NJ — Fires that destroyed about 14 homes in a New Jersey shore town that was hit hard by Sandy have rekindled, fueled by natural gas.
Video from WNBC-TV in New York shows flames reaching over Mantoloking. There's a large cluster of flames and smaller fires spread out from it.
An official with the Ocean County Emergency Management Office says authorities believe natural gas lines are fueling the flames. The official says the homes burned down two days ago when Sandy pounded the affluent town.


Atlantic City mayor on Gov. Christie's rebuke: 'Misinformed and ill-advised'

Atlantic City, N.J., famous for its boardwalk and casinos, is underwater this morning. The city's mayor, Lorenzo Langford, calls in to discuss the status of the flooded city and the harsh criticism he received from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

(CNN) – Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford on Tuesday swung back at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's recent jabs suggesting the mayor failed to enforce state-issued evacuation orders ahead of Superstorm Sandy.
"The governor is just wrong–he's dead wrong," Langford said on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer."


Monday, October 29, 2012


Hopefully the reports are worst then the outcome, we pray that nothing goes significantly wrong with power stations and especially Nuclear Plants (Oyster Creek)


Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says that there are actually 26 nuclear plants in the path of the hurricane, and that the spent fuel pools in the plants don’t have backup pumps (summary via EneNews):

EneNews  reports that the hurricane is forecast to directly hit the Oyster Creek nuclear plant and that – while the plant is currently shut down for refueling – it still might very well have new, very hot fuel in the fuel pools:
Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station is located near New Jersey’s shoreline in an area forecast to take a direct hit from Hurricane Sandy: “The current ‘track center’ for the landfall path is central New Jersey pointing Sandy in a path that would hit Oyster Creek nuclear station.” -SimplyInfo

Oyster Creek Nuclear Station : Lacey Twnshp, NJ

With Oyster Creek shut down for refueling starting last week, hot fuel may have been placed in the fuel pool quite recently.
The unit at Oyster Creek is the same as Fukushima Daiichi No. 1: “Oyster Creek is one of the oldest US nuclear plants and is the same design as Fukushima unit 1.”-SimplyInfo
Remember, Fukushima reactor number 4 was shut down for maintenance when the Japanese earthquake hit.  And yet the fuel pools at reactor 4 are in such precarious condition that they pose a giantthreat to humanity.
Hurricane Sandy is not very intense in terms of wind speed.  But the storm is so large, that storm surges could be 11 feet high.

Oyster Creek nuclear power station is a single unit 636 MWe boiling water reactor power plant located on an 800 acre (3.2 km²) site adjacent to the Oyster Creek in the Forked River section of Lacey Township in Ocean County, New Jersey. The facility is currently owned and operated by Exelon Corporation and is the oldest operating nuclear power plant in the United States. The plant first came online on December 1, 1969, and is licensed to operate until April 9, 2029. The plant gets its cooling water from Barnegat Bay, a brackish estuary that empties into the Atlantic Ocean through the Barnegat Inlet.

Source :

0ct 29, 2012 NEWS ROUND-UP - Top News Today

Top News Oct 29, 2012






If Jets aren't going to use Tim Tebow, they should let him go.

source :,0,2590417.column


"Is the Cosmos a Vast Computer Simulation?" New Theory May Offer Clues


World Series: Violence and vandalism mar Giants fans' celebration
Washington Post / L.A. Angeles Times

Source :,0,4505907.story?track=rss


Poll gives Romney edge in Ohio as battleground contest tightens / Some say virtual dead heat




National Weather Service: Sandy A ‘Very Dangerous Storm’


Hurricane Sandy: Economic Impact Could Exceed $10 Billion a Day


Liveblog: Microsoft Rolls Out Windows Phone 8


Sandy could bring 'catastrophe,' impact 60 million


Stock markets unlikely to open Tuesday: exchange official


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